Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What's to Eat?

I'm a planner by nature.  You name it, I have a project plan for it!   So when I decided to start this challenge, I began my research.

Holy information overload!  Eat this, don't eat that, Super Foods, all natural, all organic, etc....  It's like the old saying "opinions are like a$$holes, everyone has one".  So when in doubt, I went to the Food Pyramid to use as our guideline.  Government Food Guidelines

It allows you to enter your child's name, age and activity level.  So for my little BamBam, I estimated that he gets 30-60 minutes of daily activity.  Now, this number is due most in part because it's winter, and he's inside for most of the day.   As the weather gets warmer here in Northern VA, he'll be outside and much more active.

Based on that info, Bam Bam should be getting:
Grains:  3 ozs
Veggies:  1 cup
Fruits:  1 cup
Milk:  2 cups
Meat & Beans:  2 ozs

Well that's great and all, but what does an ounce look like?  What constitutes a serving?????

In keeping with the kid theme, I did a quick Google and came across the PBS website.   Armed with the guidelines and portion sizes, I'm ready to begin meal planning!

But just one piece of "food for thought"...  Why is all of this information so scattered?  If we're encouraging kids and parents to eat better, why not make it easier?

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